The new NIR analyzing appliance quickly delivers a complete and reliable nutritional value analysis

Excerpt from an infomercial in Drietandmagazine, November 2013

Because Franson wants to be more than ‘a supplier of concentrated feed’ and because it has an eye for the bigger picture, it also seeks to optimize its service. Recently, Franson purchased a sophisticated NIR- analyzing appliance that can perform fast and reliable nutritional value analyzes. Alex Van Malleghem: “Where there used to be required a whole laboratory with laboratory technicians, this sophisticated appliance reads the ‘nutritional fingerprint’ of the roughage or mix by means of a light beam. A full nutritional value analysis is delivered here. As mentioned before, these analysis results are a fundamental pillar for the service to our customers. Furthermore, the laboratory work is ‘optimized’ thanks to this investment.”

Which are the following developments?
Alex Van Malleghem: “The analyzes for our customers are part of the delivery of our feed. We experience interest in our know-how. Anyone who wants to appeal to our know-how apart from the supply of feed (eg. because of distance) can do so, though at a reasonable charge. With our current capabilities, we see this as a real opportunity.”