Vetten Os LAR 2019

This year’s edition of the “Vetten Os” (the main championship within the beef cattle sector) was, once again, a big success.
Congratulations to our customers who won 14 first prizes!

Bravo for our customers!

Raf Weemaes, one of our clients, won the championship in Antwerp and Ath this year. Also, the National Champion was one of his animals. We are particularly proud, because champions are not accidentally chosen. Whether an animal wins a prize depends on many factors, of which expertise, good care from the farmers and the quality of the cattle feeds are certainly among the most important ones. The fact that Raf Weemaes is praised, though, is just the tip of the iceberg. Also other clients from Franson get first prizes and honorary awards for their animals. This has been this way for two generations at Franson (formerly ‘All Mash Van Malleghem’). Our clients win prizes each year, also generation after generation.