Field beans: we opt for the sustainable protein source

At FRANSON, we are fully committed to sustainability and, in addition to the by-products of products for human consumption (circular economy), opt for field beans as a protein supply.
The benefits are manifold: the field beans are grown locally, are a boon to bee populations thanks to their lush floral display, require very little pesticides, and are not genetically engineered. Field beans also belong to the leguminosae: the plant group that is the only group that extracts nitrogen from the air and not from the soil, so that no fertilizers are required. The plant is doing well, so it is easy to maintain.
We strive for a 100% local protein supply where the proteins come from the by-products of the local processing industry on the one hand and from the field beans on the other. We are also committed to promoting field beans to farms as a feed company.

New high voltage cabin

We have built a new high-voltage cabin, so that it fully complies with the General Regulations on Labor Protection (ARAB) to safeguard the safety of employees and third parties in the workplaces. The necessary native shrubs, Cornus alba Sibirica, and a currant tree, Amelanchier lamarckii, have also been planted. Soon the dark green cabin will be nicely camouflaged among the fresh green. Everything in function of sustainability.