Our strategy

We aim for satisfaction for all our customers: businesses-to-business customers, end users and consumers. We produce and deliver safe, customized products that are always of the best quality. Moreover, flexibility takes center stage in our policy: short delivery times, specific delivery methods and transparency in the development of new products – including tailored products for one customer only – are of great importance. We aim for a healthy, yet sustainable and profitable growth.

The strategy to achieve these objectives is based on the following pillars:

  • Working according to an integrated quality system in line with legislation, FCA and various guidelines;
  • Producing our cattle feed in optimal hygienic conditions;
  • Commitment to respect the relevant legislation at the product level;
  • Continuous interest in and research into new and more productive and hygienic production methods, raw materials and machines;
  • Carefully selected staff;
  • A flat organizational structure, which allows quick decision-making and optimal corporate communication, both from and to our employees;
  • Strict selection and thorough monitoring of raw materials and additives, in line with the legal provisions in force and the agreements made with suppliers on product specifications;
  • Building a long-term strategy in collaboration with our suppliers;
  • Striving for a compromise between flexibility on the one hand and a product range that is neither too largen or too limited on the other hand;
  • Expanding our market share through regular product innovations; new products are preferably developed in consultation with our main customers;
  • Pursuing a stable customer portfolio in which existing customers are never pushed aside for new customers or products, regardless of the latter’s potential;
  • A positive social climate in the workspace;
  • Creating a safe working environment;
  • Paying attention at environmental issues by drawing up and maintaining an environmental management system;
  • Managing our activities in line with what is considered good corporate citizenship.
  • At Franson we try to become more sustainable in every process of the company and we try to do even better than the legal standard. We not only look at sustainability within our company, but also within the sector in general & with our customers.

High-quality, custom cattle feed

The focus on a purer all mash