Our products

Our greatest asset : an exceptionally large range of raw materials with more than 170 basic products.
Franson produces and supplies feed for all ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats) and horses: from artificial milk to finishing cattle feed.
Everything is custom-made . See Our unique concept.
Aanbod onder de vorm van ALL MASH (muesli-achtige mengeling van grondstoffen), meel, korrel en kruimel.

The advantages of ALL MASH :

  • A fair product, since all the individual raw materials used are visible
  • Optimal digestibility thanks to the adapted grain size
  • Vegetarian ingredients
  • Does not contain any antimicrobials
  • Produced in line with FCA standards and HACCP principles
  • In line with the most diverse guidelines in the distribution sector
  • Some varieties are guaranteed GMO-free.

High-quality, custom cattle feed

The focus on a purer all mash