Horizontal production line


Provide the honest ALL MASH product in a purer form to the cattle breeder.


A whole new production process


A purer ALL MASH with barely fine fraction

Less fine fraction

FRANSON chose from the beginning to specialize in ALL MASH, a very honest cattle feed: what you see, is what you get. Still there was room for improvement: during the production process, fine fraction is created. This fine fraction sinks to the bottom, causes segregation and cattle do not fancy it. The production process had to be reinvented. The new factory works in a ‘flat’ way. This means less drag, less breaking and a better product.

Horizontal silos

Raw materials which are unloaded into 35 meters high silos, in which they are subjected to tons of pressure, only to end up in a narrow funnel cannot possibly maintain their original kernel or flake size. Traditional silos are meant for flour and therefore cannot prevent the formation of fine particles. In the new production plant of FRANSON, the silos are oriented horizontally, the walls are multi-staged for more grip and each silo has four funnels.

Less transport

The unloading of the raw materials, storage, mixing and the delivery of the final product takes place in the new FRANSON factory within a cube of 25x25x25 meters. Everything is designed to save the original shape of the products. The rather ‘aggressive’ traditional transport system, with its mortar grinders, chain conveyors and elevators, has been replaced with containers, a roller bridge, product-friendly conveyor belts and a mobile mixer.

The factory of the future

The new production plant offers several additional advantages. First, the loading and unloading process is accelerated. Moreover less transport equals lower energy consumption . In the new factory, there is less friction between the product and the installation, resulting in less wear and tear, and less maintenance . And finally, the production plant was built in such a way that it meets all the hygiene and traceability standards.

    High-quality, custom cattle feed

    The focus on a purer all mash