Franson is a leading producer of mixed feed, specialized in cattle feed

As part of our concept we carry out our own analyses of the breeder’s roughage and based on the results of these analyses we develop a specific formula for each customer.
Cattle feed is unique in that it requires a complex mix of:

  • Roughage (the breeder’s own farm produce);
  • Additional by-products from the food industry and other sectors;
  • Additional animal feed;
  • Rumen fermentation (typical for ruminants).

The quality of these parameters can vary strongly, both due to external factors (nutritional content, freshness, taste etc.) and company-related factors.

Our specialized and customer-oriented approach allows us to go one step further

When optimizing animal feed, we take into account the quality of the available roughage and by-products, but we also focus on:

  • dethe types of animals (breed, sex etc.);
  • the envisaged meat quality (end product);
  • customer demands and guidelines;
  • the customer’s in-house practices and experience;
  • optimal use of by-products from local industries, incl. research into new possibilities in this field;
  • the health of the livestock, as well as possible risks and complications for the animals’ health;
  • omgevingsfactorenenvironmental factors (climate, water, contamination levels, soil-related factors etc.);
  • the infrastructure and stable conditions;
  • the available materials: silos, feed mixers etc.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our engineers and vets our customers can rely on us for the best advice and assistance.

A new challenge: assistance to companies

In the past we put our knowledge exclusively at the disposal of our cattle feed customers. Through our foreign customers (which include Charolais and Blonde d’Acquitaine) and collaborations with investors on other continents, we realized that in Belgium, we are one step ahead. Our specific know-how is the result of the interaction between cattle production and specific cattle breeds on the one hand, and the availability of a wide range of by-products (which are supplied to us from all over the world through sea ports and other routes) on the other hand.
There is also the economic reality that for primary meat production to be profitable in developed and industrialized countries, you need far-reaching professional knowledge and excellent operational management.
Keeping this in mind, Franson has launched a company assistance and consultancy service that is not linked to the supply of cattle feed.

Further information

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