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Quality horse feed

The HIPPOTOP horse feed is made with high-quality ingredients and enriched with the right vitamins, minerals and dietary minerals. Its well-thought-out composition allows us to find the right feed for every horse. All HIPPOTOP mixes have a high energy content, which is why they require a specific amount of roughage.

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Hippotop Classic

HIPPOTOP CLASSIC contains a mix of versatile, affordable horse feeds, which all have an optimal composition that meets the specific needs of various types of horses.

J804 – Stable mix PLUS

This structured mix contains barley and corn flakes, oat and spelt, among other things. It is a tasty concentrate, ideal for both recreational and competition horses performing light to average work.

0.7 kg/100 kg body weight/day. In addition to grazing or hay. (always provide hay and fresh water).

J806 – BARLEY horse mix

Oat-free mix, especially suited to nervous horses with a fierce temperament. Ideal for young and growing horses, pregnant mares and recreational horses performing light work.

0.7 kg/100 kg body weight/day (always provide additional hay).

J807 – MARE & FOAL mix

Carefully composed to meet the specific needs of heavily pregnant and lactating mares and foals. This product is enriched with vitamins, protein and beta-carotene, which stimulate milk production, fertility, good condition and energy absorption. Ideal for young and growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares.

6-8 m gestation: 0.7 kg/100 kg body weight/day 9-11m gestation: 0.9 kg/100kg body weight/day 1-3 m nursing foal: 1.4 kg/100 kg body weight/day 4-5 m nursing foal: 1 kg/100 kg body weight/day /> Foal: per animal per day:
6 m: 2 kg – 1 year: 2.5 kg - 2 years: 3 kg (ALWAYS PROVIDE ADDITIONAL HAY)

J808 – SPORT horse mix

A highly balanced and varied mix with a high energy content, which gives your horse all it needs to perform. This feed reduces the formation of lactic acid. Ideal for sports and competition horses from which performance and stamina are expected.

0.7 kg/100 kg body weight/day (always provide unlimited hay + straw).

Nutritional values

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